Top 8 Skills for CPA's, Finance and Accounting Professionals in the Age of Machines

Top 8 Skills for CPA's, Finance and Accounting Professionals in the Age of Machines

What are the top skills needed by CPAs, Finance and Accounting Professionals in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and exponential change?

We have been researching these skills with the leading experts and best-selling authors in the world including the Institute for the Future, World Economic Forum, CPA Horizons 2025, The Second Machine Age, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Then we gathered empirical evidence from thousands of CPAs, finance and accounting professionals across the world in interactive surveys and our work with leading talent and learning professionals to synthesize these skills into the top eight competencies for the future.

They are as follows:

  1. Communications
  2. Leadership
  3. Strategic and critical thinking and problem-solving
  4. Anticipating and serving evolving needs
  5. Synthesizing intelligence to insight
  6. Integration and collaboration
  7. Tech-savvy and data analytics
  8. Functional and domain expertise

This research is supported by the work of global futurist and best-selling author, Daniel Burrus whose work with the top global companies in the world reinforced our research and clarified how this anticipation competency can be learned and applied in accounting and finance.

Anticipation – The Missing Competency

We believe the most important or fundamental competency is anticipation (anticipating and serving evolving needs). This competency positions the accounting and finance professional to be future ready – aware, predictive and adaptive of emerging trends and issues. Using this newfound skill can help them identify disruptions, problems, and opportunities. This will be an exciting transformation as CPA’s move into higher-level advisory and business development services that require dedicated consultative and strategic thinking for their organizations and clients. .

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My purpose is to help CPAs, finance, and accounting professionals be even more future-ready and anticipatory so they can thrive in this age of exponential change and advise businesses to succeed.

Baltimore, Maryland US Tom Hood, CPA, CGMA, CITP

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